Cross and Banner

Every two years, the small town of Beverungen, in the middle of Germany, celebrates with particular vigour its “Schützenfest“, the traditional Marksmen's Festival. Festivities are focused on numerous parades and a shooting contest, where the winner is declared “King“.

Banner Bandits 2017

During the most celebrated cultural event on the island of Guam, USA (the annual Liberation Day Parade), a group of brave and determined youth come together to effect policy change on the use of alcohol and tobacco signage island-wide.

Banner of the Stars 2001

Three years of uneasy have passed since the Four Nations Alliance declared war on the Abh Empire. With both sides decimated by the first encounter, the lull in violence has provided enough time to build fleets massive enough to span the entire galaxy. Just before the Abh complete preparations for their conquest, however, the Alliance launches a pre-emptive strike, forcing them to take the defensive. Now in command of her own ship, Lafiel is assigned to the fleet as a destroyer captain, and eagerly awaits the opportunity to prove herself as a true Abriel. But when a new class of enemy ship appears on the front lines, the tides quickly turn for the worse. With her vessel now little more than cannon fodder, her dreams are turned into a desperate race for survival - can she and her crew survive amidst a battlefield of endless death and destruction?

Daughters of the Three Tailed Banner 2016

A family is in ruins after the last male member dies. To salvage their future, the matriarch Kadiguia decides to look for a suitable husband for the eligible Tonina to continue the line of martyrs and warriors. Many miles away in the city, Aida secretly works in a hotel after falling victim to an illegal recruiter. She hides this fact from her family who believes that she is in faraway Kuwait working as a nanny.

Banner of Youth 1957

A short film advertising the newspaper Sztandar Młodych (The Banner of Youth), noteworthy for its abstract elements painted directly onto film stock. An attempt at showing the complexity of the world in a capsule, the film reflects the new policy of the openness to the West during the Thaw of the late 1950s in Poland.

The Cross and the Banner 1962

In this uneven tragedy by director Philippe Ducrest, a misunderstanding brings out the murderous side of one of the protagonists. The popular Michel Galabru makes one of his early screen appearances as a thief who in his haste to escape from the law, stuffs a diamond necklace he has just stolen into a purse in a store. The woman who buys the handbag takes it home without inspecting its interior and leaves it where her husband notices it, opens it up, and sees the valuable necklace. Immediately jumping to the conclusion that his wife has been up to no good, his reaction leads to a separation -- and much worse.

Star Spangled Banners 2013

Ten years following the breakup of the family band, The Banner Project, siblings Desiree, Johnny, and Mitchel Banner, are faced with the decision to reunite in order to save their home town from bankruptcy.

Under the Carp Banner 1992

One of the notable directors of Japan's "pink films," Kazuhiro Sano helms and stars in this erotic thriller in which an isolated resort lures a host of individuals looking to fulfill their desires and sexual fantasies. Packed with extras, the video includes an interview with Sano, bios and filmographies of the cast and crew and a feature-length commentary with writer Jasper Sharp.

Girl with the Fire Banner 1958

Fearless girl firefighter Oharu and skilled firefighter Shintaro battle against their evil rivals who threaten to take over Oharu’s family’s turf.

Doctor Who: Delta and the Bannermen 1987

Boarding a Nostalgia Tours bus, the Doctor and Mel go for a holiday. They will soon learn that their fellow passenger Delta is a Chimeron Queen, fleeing from the Bannermen who wish to make her species extinct. Thus, the time travellers' trip to Shangri-La turns into a battle against genocide...

Samurai Banners 1969

Feudal Japan, 1543 to 1562. Kansuke Yamamoto is a samurai who dreams of a country united, peaceful from sea to sea. He enters the service of Takeda, the lord of Kai domain. He convinces Takeda to kill the lord of neighboring Suwa and take his wife as a concubine. He then convinces the widow, Princess Yu, to accept this arrangement and to bear Takeda a son. He pledges them his life. He then spends years using treachery, poetic sensibility, military and political strategy to expand Takeda's realm, advance the claim of Yu's son as the heir, and prepare for an ultimate battle with the forces of Echigo. Has Kansuke overreached? Are his dreams, blinded by love, too big? Written by

Sharpe's Rifles 1993

During the Peninsular War in Spain against the French, Sergeant Richard Sharpe saves the life of Arthur Wellesley, the future Duke of Wellington and is promoted to Lieutenant. In order to pay the troops Wellesley needs a money draft from the banker Rothschild, but fears he has been captured by the French and sends Sharpe behind enemy lines to find him. Sharpe is given command of a platoon of crack riflemen, led by the surly Irishman Harper and including Hagman and Harris, who resent Sharpe as not being a 'proper officer'.

Bannerline 1951

A young crusading reporter in a small town tackles civic corruption.

White Banners 1938

A homeless woman named Hannah drifts into the lives of the kindly Ward family, in a small Indiana town in 1919. Hannah makes herself useful as a cook and housekeeper and stays with the Wards... but her real interest is in meeting their neighbor, teenager Peter Trimble. It turns out that Peter is the son she bore out of wedlock and gave up for adoption, and now Hannah has returned to town to see what sort of young man her son has become.

Seven Men of Kung-Fu 1978

A red haired martial arts special constable is deployed by the Manchus to round up all the Ming loyalists and eliminate them. The 7 men of Kung Fu prove to be too powerful for him and his posse of fighters and zombies.

Sons of the Stone-Hearted Man 1965

Based on the novel of Mór Jókai. During the Hungarian independence war 1848-49 mother and her three sons trying to leave the road precisely designated by their conservative, stone-hearted father. The way-seeking and rivalry of brothers, Jókai's masterpiece, the cast, delightful scenes give an unforgettable experience.

Under the Flag of the Rising Sun 1972

A war widow determined to clear the name of her disgraced husband, who was court-martialed for desertion and executed. Official records have been destroyed, and the ministry that distributes benefits continues to deny her a pension. Twenty-six years after the war, she seeks out four survivors of her husband's garrison. Each tells a dramatically different story about her husband's conduct, but she is determined to learn the truth.

Crest of the Stars 1999

Jinto Lin's life changes forever when the Humankind Empire Abh takes over his home planet of Martine without firing a single shot. He is soon sent off to study the Abh language and culture and to prepare himself for his future as a nobleman - a future he never dreamed of. Or wanted. Now, Jinto is entering the next phase of his training, and he is about to meet his first Abh, the lovely Lafiel. But Jinto is about to learn that she is more than she appears to be. And together they will have to fight for their very lives.

Samurai Banners 2007

Fūrin Kazan was the 46th NHK Taiga drama beginning on January 7, 2007. It was aired throughout 2007. The four characters from left to right are wind, woods, fire, and mountain. The title is a reference to the war banner used by Takeda Shingen, which in turn was taken from Sun Tzu's The Art of War. It means "Swift as the Wind, Silent as a Forest, Fierce as Fire and Immovable as a Mountain."

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