Easier with Practice 2009

Davy is a 28-year-old writer on a road trip to promote his unpublished collection of short stories. A random phone call in Davy's motel room from a mysterious, sexy woman named Nicole leads to a series of phone sex sessions that surprisingly over time become emotionally and sexually satisfying for the shy writer. Later, when he meets a former girlfriend, he must try to choose between them - but only if he can arrange a meeting with his reclusive phone mate.

Practice 2018

Students near the Shaolin temple engaged in a simple yet rigorous exercise of rehearsal.

Practice 2019

New film with FKA twigs. It's an intimate look at her year of pole-performance training for the Cellophane video - the early mornings and late nights and physical pain and gruelling perfectionism it took twigs to make her creative vision a reality.

Practice Theory 2006

A portrait of distraction, with sampled monologue from online video essay about the Roland 303 synthesizer read over collaged images on the studio desk. Intercut by the back of a porn DVD and the MGM logo.

Practice Makes Perfect 2013

A nervous, twelve-year-old Clint is having trouble enjoying his first date with Sally. For weeks, he has been practicing for his first kiss and now, the moment is almost upon him. He must make the right move or live a life of regrets and a missed opportunity.

Kingston Rowing Club at Practice 1902

This record of exercise and tomfoolery on the River Hull at Stoneferry won praise from the Hull Daily Mail when it screened at The Circus variety theatre on Anlaby Road. The ladies present may have particularly enjoyed the mocked-up 'accident': one rower tumbles flamboyantly out of his skiff into the water and swims wildly to shore - his wry grin, wet t-shirt clinging to his chest, is priceless.

All the Others Were Practice 2015

Jôrge is about to meet the man who will be his husband. But with so many guys to choose from, how will he know which one is his perfect match, and which ones are just practice? Meet Jôrge in the fast-paced independent comedy with a huge heart.

A Very Polish Practice 1992

Screen One movie that is a continuation of Andrew Davies' brilliant series A Very Peculiar Practice. Dr. Daker feels finally settled in his life in Poland with his new wife and son, but he soon find things to be just as tumultuous, not least because Bob Buzzard is still around. And is that those nuns again?

Beyond the Practice Room 2006

Go behind the scenes of the New York Piano Competition to learn what transforms a promising pianist into an exceptional artist. Through the stories of teenage contestants, this documentary explores the characteristics of outstanding musicians. Beyond dedication and skill, these true prodigies possess a passion for music and a drive for innovation that sets them apart from their peers and makes them truly shine on stage.

The Mayberry Practice Calf 2012

Radiating the radical simplicity of a Lumière actuality, THE MAYBERRY PRACTICE CALF shows an African-American cowboy roping a hunk of tire again and again. "Calf roping is a discipline," Kevin Jerome Everson told an interviewer. "People practice it, they know the language of it and they know how to do it." Everson's camera evinces a comparable degree of discipline, with a single long take functioning as a montage through the serial repetition of the cowboy's action. We may wonder if we're watching a loop but gradually our eyes are drawn to small variations. Practice makes perfect. - Max Goldberg

Aziza's Ultimate Bellydance: Practice Companion 2009

With a mixture of clear instruction and a comprehensive practice regimen, dance instructor Aziza helps you shake and shimmy your way to belly dancing perfection, all to a soundtrack of thoughtfully chosen music. The workout includes linear and circular ribcage and hip movements, a 20-minute shimmy driller, hands and arms drills, and much more. This program is recommended for experienced belly dancers.

The Practice of the Wild 2010

Profiling poet, essayist and environmental activist Gary Snyder, this documentary explores the Pulitzer Prize winner's role in bringing about many of the changes that have shaped modern American society, including the introduction of Zen Buddhism. The film consists primarily of a conversation between Snyder and fellow poet and novelist Jim Harrison as they hike the California coast. Archival footage and commentary help paint a vivid portrait.

Training in Practice of Freedom 2017

Training in the Practice of Freedom explores actions involving Black Lives Matter, Global Ultra Luxury Faction, Direct Action Front for Palestine, and Decolonize This Place against the State and cultural institutions where theory and research, action and aesthetics, organizing and analysis are deployed to facilitate decolonial spaces for training in the practice of freedom. It is interested in asking better question for our movements and struggles, and the process is ongoing.

Yoga Journal – Complete Home Practice 2011

Yoga Journal - the most trusted Yoga magazine in the world - is proud to present the Complete Home Practice 2 DVD set - it s your very own at-home yoga studio! Discover the joy of yoga through nine safe and easy-to-follow routines to improve your overall health. Taught by some of the world s most acclaimed instructors this collection is a convenient way to make yoga an integral part of your life...all from the comfort of your home.

David Leadbetter Practice Makes Perfect 2005

Every professional on the course today got to where they are because of one thing: practice. In this DVD, world-famous golf coach David Leadbetter shows you his top 25 drills, all of which have been used by the pros he coaches. The best part is you don't have to be on a golf course to practice Leadbetter's drills. You can do them in your backyard or living room (just make sure to remove and lamps or children before starting in the latter). By following Leadbetter's instruction, you will develop a smoother swing and better accuracy, and you'll learn to eliminate those shots that end up costing you the game. It's time to join the ranks of such golf stars as Nick Faldo, Greg Norman, Nick Price, and Ernie Els, all of whom practiced with Leadbetter on their way to the top. Now, let him help you realize your true golfing potential!

Yoga Journal – Complete Home Practice - Intro

Yoga Journal - the most trusted Yoga magazine in the world - is proud to present the Complete Home Practice 2 DVD set - it s your very own at-home yoga studio! Discover the joy of yoga through nine safe and easy-to-follow routines to improve your overall health. Taught by some of the world s most acclaimed instructors this collection is a convenient way to make yoga an integral part of your life...all from the comfort of your home.

The Practice 1997

A provocative legal drama focused on young associates at a bare-bones Boston firm and their scrappy boss, Bobby Donnell. The show's forte is its storylines about “people who walk a moral tightrope.”

Private Practice 2007

Having left behind Seattle Grace Hospital, renowned surgeon Addison Forbes Montgomery moves to Los Angeles for sunnier weather and happier possibilities. She reunites with her friends from medical school, joining them at their chic, co-op, Oceanside Wellness Center in Santa Monica.

A Country Practice 1981

A Country Practice was an Australian television drama series. At its inception, one of the longest-running of its kind, produced by James Davern of JNP Productions, who had wrote the pilot episode and entered a script contest for the network in 1979, coming third and winning a merit award. It ran on the Seven Network for 1,058 episodes from 18 November 1981 to 22 November 1993. It was produced in ATN-7's production facility at Epping, Sydney. After its lengthy run on the seven network it was picked up by network ten with a mainly new cast from April to November 1994 for 30 episodes, although the ten series was not as successful as its predecessor . The Channel Seven series was also filmed on location in Pitt Town, while, the Channel Ten series was filmed on location in Emerald, Victoria.

Peak Practice 1993

Peak Practice is a British drama series about a GP surgery in Cardale — a small fictional town in the Derbyshire Peak District — and the doctors who worked there. It ran on ITV from 10 May 1993 to 30 January 2002 and was one of their most successful series at the time. It originally starred Kevin Whately as Dr Jack Kerruish, Amanda Burton as Dr Beth Glover and Simon Shepherd as Dr Will Preston, though the roster of doctors would change many times over the course of the series. The series was axed on 30 January 2002 and ended on a literal cliffhanger when two of the series' main characters plunged off a cliff. Viewers wrote to ITV in their thousands and a petition for one last episode was set up by website Peak Practice Online. However, all pleas were unsuccessful and ITV said they would not make any more episodes. Cardale was based on the Staffordshire village of Longnor for the final series, but was previously based in the Derbyshire village of Crich, although certain scenes were filmed at other nearby Derbyshire towns and villages, most notably Matlock, Belper and Ashover.

Animal Practice 2012

Comedy centering on Dr. George Coleman, a top veterinarian with an impressive list of famous animal patients at the Crane Animal Hospital - a bustling New York City veterinary practice where it often seems as if the patients are running the place. Despite his unorthodox style, George has an undeniable gift with animals of all kinds - except the human kind. Much to his chagrin, George recently learned that his ex-girlfriend, Dorothy Crane, has inherited the family business and is now George's boss. Whip-smart and ambitious, Dorothy shakes up the hospital as she brings order to the chaos and butts heads with George's animal-friendly administration.

The Practice 1976

Sitcom about Jules Bedford, a crusty, sometimes grumpy, and somewhat absent-minded old-school doctor with a genuine concern for people.

Harry's Practice

Harry's Practice was an Australian lifestyle television program that broadcast on the Seven Network between 1997 and 2003. It is currently repeating on 7TWO at 7pm week nights. The show was hosted by vet Dr Harry Cooper, who provided advice for pet care. The show also featured Dr Katrina Warren and Dr Chris Brown as presenters.

The Practice 1985

The Practice was a 1985 British television soap opera produced for ITV by Granada Television, which aired for two series in 1985 and 1986. The series was first introduced as a twice-weekly medical drama in January 1985, becoming Granada's second regular networked soap opera along with Coronation Street, with the idea being that its hard-hitting storylines would be a competitor with the BBC's EastEnders which started airing the following month. The Practice was set in a GP's surgery in the fictional Manchester suburb of Castlehulme and had an initial run of 34 episodes airing for 30 minutes in an early evening slot on Friday and Sunday evenings throughout the Winter and Spring of 1985. However, the series did not perform as well as had been hoped and it disappeared from screens in May 1985. It returned for a second run of 13 one hour episodes between May and August 1986, this time airing in a 9pm slot on Friday evenings. After series two ended no further episodes were made.

A Very Peculiar Practice 1986

A young and idealistic Doctor Stephen Daker arrives at Lowlands University to work at the Health Centre, but has to cope with an eccentric set of colleagues.

TV's Bloopers & Practical Jokes 1984

TV's Bloopers & Practical Jokes is an American television series. Debuting as a weekly series, new episodes have been broadcast as infrequent specials during most of its run. It premiered on NBC in 1984, moved to ABC in 1998, and was revived in syndication in 2012. The NBC run of the series was co-produced by Carson Productions and Dick Clark Productions, and the ABC and syndication runs have been produced solely by Dick Clark Productions.

Tactical to Practical 2003

Tactical to Practical is a short-lived History Channel program that ran from 2003 to 2005. Each episode documents ways in which technologies utilized by the civilian public were originally developed to serve military purposes. The show is hosted by Hunter Ellis.

T. Sventon, Private Investigator 1989

Aired in December on the Swedish channel SVT as their Christmas Calender series of 1989. The Story follows private eye Ture Sventon as he solves crimes in Lingonboda, the Arabian desert, London, and Stockholm. His secretary Ms. Jansson and good friend Mr. Omar aids him in the constant battle against his arch enemy Vilhelm Vessla. Based on the books by Åke Holmberg.

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