Vares: Private Eye 2004

Vares, a film noir comedy from Finland, is yet another twist on PULP FICTION. And, just in case we miss the similarities of splattered blood mixed with outrageous incidents, the movie explicitly references PULP FICTION and has a comedic scene in which two guys argue about McDonald's hamburgers. Still, VARES - PRIVATE EYE, by director Aleksi Mäkelä, manages to be kind of fun even not especially original. The script has more characters than the screenwriter can handle, leaving the audience frequently confused about who is doing what and why. The two best scenes are one about a wacky wedding and another about a guy who answers a cell phone call while he is busy enjoying the pleasures of a sex parlor.

One-Off Incident 2019

Teenage girls take their shirts off at their own party but get an audience. Emmi says no but does it really mean no? Sonja is tired of her body being a problem to others. Why has nearly every woman such experiences? One-Off Incident short films are part of a film sensation made by fifteen filmmakers, artists, researchers and social activists collectively. The films reveal the hidden way power is exercised on women in both private life and in society. The films are fiction but the stories come from the writers’ own real-life observations.

One, Two, Three 1961

C.R. MacNamara will do anything to get a promotion within the Coca-Cola company, including looking after boss W.P. Hazeltine's rebellious teenage daughter, Scarlett. When Scarlett visits Berlin, where C.R. is stationed, she reveals that she is married to a communist named Otto Piffl -- and C.R. recognizes that Otto's anti-establishment stance will clash with his boss's own political views, possibly jeopardizing his promotion.

The Station Agent 2003

When his only friend dies, a man born with dwarfism moves to rural New Jersey to live a life of solitude, only to meet a chatty hot dog vendor and a woman dealing with her own personal loss.

Ture Sventon - Privatdetektiv 1972

Private detective Ture Sventon is visited by his friend Mr. Omar of the Arabic desert. Sventon decides to travel with Mr. Omar on his flying carpet to Paris. However, Sventon almost exclusively lives on cream puffs, and to transport these across the continent, he needs a portable fridge. He pays a visit to Stockholms foremost fridge inventor and are introduced to a new fridge which shrinks and deshrinks the food. The inventor is afraid his new invention will be stolen, and thus Sventon brings it to Paris where it gets stolen.

Yksi 2016

The starting point for ONE is a video taken with a mobile phone. The camera hasn’t been able to capture the original view and the resulting video contains only mystical glitch.What causes the glitch? What is the moment or subject, which was originally attempted to be documented? Is there a huge planet or a tiny cell in the video? Perhaps it is something else – a human or even God? The soundscape of ONE is homage to big questions, a mash-up of 60’s sci-fi cinema soundtracks.

Alone in Berlin 2017

Berlin in June of 1940. While Nazi propaganda celebrates the regime’s victory over France, a kitchen-cum-living room in Prenzlauer Berg is filled with grief. Anna and Otto Quangel’s son has been killed at the front. This working class couple had long believed in the ‘Führer’ and followed him willingly, but now they realise that his promises are nothing but lies and deceit. They begin writing postcards as a form of resistance and in a bid to raise awareness: Stop the war machine! Kill Hitler! Putting their lives at risk, they distribute these cards in the entrances of tenement buildings and in stairwells. But the SS and the Gestapo are soon onto them, and even their neighbours pose a threat.

The Cure 1917

An alcoholic checks into a health spa and his antics promptly throw the establishment into chaos.

Bergman: A Year in a Life 2018

A focuses on 1957, one of the most prolific years for the Swedish director. During the year he shot two films, opened two of his most celebrated films (The Seventh Seal and Wild Strawberries), and produced four plays and a TV movie while juggling with a complicated private life.

13 Minutes 2017

The breath-taking story of a man who nearly would have changed the world. In 1939, when Hitler tricked millions of people at the height of his power, radical Georg Elser—disparaged as an assassin—is one of the greatest resistance fighters.

Alone 1999

Maria, whose parents live in the country, cannot stand her father's authoritarian ways and moves to the city. She finds a job as a cleaner and tries to survive in a wretched apartment in the shabby part of a big city. She is pregnant, and the fact that her boyfriend has abandoned her does not help matters. When her father goes to the hospital for an operation, her mother comes to stay with her. Her neighbor, an old recluse whose only friend is his dog, begins to come out of his shell and these three lost souls try to give each other the strength to start over.

One A.M. 1916

A drunken homeowner has a difficult time getting about in his home after arriving home late at night.

Two Days, One Night 2014

Sandra is a young woman who has only one weekend to convince her colleagues they must give up their bonuses in order for her to keep her job — not an easy task in this economy.

Going it Alone 1990

A documentary-like film about Jussi Parviainen's divorce.

Open Secret 1962

The apparent suicide of a successful architect prompts an investigation into his death in this plodding crime drama. The young man investigating can't believe that his well-respected boss would take his own life until he discovers that the man had a loveless marriage, another woman on the side, and a general feeling of malaise -- a condition caused by the fact that he very nearly sold himself out to the lure of big money. The young man eventually halts his inquiry when he decides that everyone is entitled to their Private Territory.

No Man Is an Island

Erffan, Amir and Carlos are enjoying a warm day in a Norwegian town, when a drunken man, who calls himself Jesus joins them.

The Simple-Minded Murderer 1982

The feeble-minded Sven's mother dies and he gets work as a farm-hand at the rich, affluent Höglund's farm. He has to work without pay and sleeps together with the cows. He meets the disabled Anna who is the first one to treat him as an adult. One day he has had enough of Höglund's maltreatment and moves in with Anna's family. Plot by Mattias Thuresson.

Charley-One-Eye 1973

A black, Union Army deserter and his crippled American Indian hostage form a strained partnership in the interests of surviving the advancing threats of a racist bounty hunter and neighboring bandits.

Mad City 1997

A misguided museum guard who loses his job and then tries to get it back at gunpoint is thrown into the fierce world of ratings-driven TV gone mad.

And Then There Were None 2015

Ten strangers, drawn away from their normal lives to an isolated rock off the Devon coast. But as the mismatched group waits for the arrival of the hosts -- the improbably named Mr. and Mrs. U.N. Owen -- the weather sours and they find themselves cut off from civilization. Very soon, the guests, each struggling with their conscience, will start to die -- one by one, according to the rules of the nursery rhyme 'Ten Little Soldier Boys' -- a rhyme that hangs in every room of the house and ends with the most terrifying words of all: '... and then there were none.

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