We Accept Miracles 2015

Fulvio is the only one of the three brothers to have left the village to go to work in the city. Deputy chief of staff in a large company, he dismisses people without remorse until he gets fired himself and after being jailed for beating his superior, is entrusted to his brother, who's a pastor in the village where they grew up. Forced into a place far from the modern world, Fulvio decides to help the local church in crisis by inventing a miracle that makes everyone believe that the saint's statue weeps. Tourists and pilgrims rush to the village and are filling the pockets of local businesses until the Vatican decides to send someone to certify the event. Fulvio must confess the scam, but the entire village will rise to convince the envoys of the Holy City for the veracity of the invented miracle.

Always Say Yes 2019

Héctor travels from Hermosillo to Mexico City in the hopes of posing naked for photography collective Feral. His friend Carlos choses not to go with him. Héctor, determined to experiment with his desire without limits, promises himself to always say yes while in the Aztec capital.

Game of Death II 1981

In this dark tale of revenge, Bruce Lee "returns" as Billy Lo, whose best friend Chin Ku dies of a sudden illness. But suspicion of foul play arises when a gang tries to steal Ku's coffin at the funeral using a helicopter. When Lo's younger brother Lo hears about the incident, he leaves his Buddhist master to investigate the truth. His trail soon leads him to the Castle of Death, the last place Chin Ku was seen alive. There, he meets and befriends an unlikely ally--a cruel and merciless martial arts expert who is also the tower's master. But when the master dies under mysterious circumstances, Lo ends up dueling with someone far more terrifying.

If I Were a Boy 2017

Jeanne wakes up one morning and her life is about to take a funny turn, at first sight nothing has changed in her - to a small detail.

The Secret 2008

Husband, wife, and daughter have moved from Boston to Williamstown. At 16, Samantha treats her mother shabbily, but when the two of them are in a horrific car crash, the mother wills Sam to live, somehow losing her own life while her spirit enters Sam.

Naked You Die 1968

The corpses are piling up at St. Hilda’s School for Girls, leaving top cop Michael Rennie (The Day the Earth Stood Still) with more than the usual suspects. Is the killer playboy riding instructor Mark Damon (House of Usher)? Peeping tom Luciano Pigozzi (Baron Blood)? Or how about hulking swim teacher Giovanni Di Benedetto (The Bird With The Crystal Plumage), whose wetsuit and dive mask make the perfect ensemble for slaughter?

Sorry If I Call You Love 2014

A successful, attractive, intelligent and brilliant advertising executive is longing to finally find emotional stability in his life, and decides to propose to his girlfriend. After she refuses his proposal, his life takes a turn when a new young lady enters his life.

We Can Do That 2008

The film follows Nello, the recently hired director of a newly developed work cooperative of former mental patients. After the closure of state psychiatric hospitals and asylums in Italy under the Basaglia Law many former patients were left with few resources and little hope of reintegrating into society. With the intention of actually improving the lives of his pupils, rather than just sedating them, Nello encourages them to expand their individual abilities and explore the wider world around them although, regardless of intention, there is sometimes a price to pushing boundaries too quickly.

Don't Torture a Duckling 1972

When the sleepy rural village of Accendura is rocked by a series of murders of young boys, the superstitious locals are given to apportion blame, with the suspects including the local "witch" Maciara. With the bodies piling up and the community gripped by panic and a thirst for bloody vengeance, two outsiders - city journalist Andrea and spoilt rich girl Patrizia - team up to cracked the case. But before the mystery is solved, more blood will have been spilled, and not all of it belonging to innocents...

The Rebel Intruders 1980

China is ripped apart by a civil war, and thousands of displaced refugees swarm into towns not yet ravaged by war. Three such refugees arrive in one town. They join forces with local rebel leaders to escape to the south before getting into trouble with Lu Feng who is out to exterminate all rebels.

What Will People Say 2017

Sixteen year-old Nisha lives a double life. At home with her family she is the perfect Pakistani daughter, but when out with her friends, she is a normal Norwegian teenager. When her father catches her in bed with her boyfriend, Nisha's two worlds brutally collide. To set an example, Nisha's parents decide to kidnap her and place her with relatives in Pakistan. Here, in a country she has never been to before, Nisha is forced to adapt to her parents' culture.

Would I Lie to You? 1997

The sentimental and comedic adventures of Eddie, a non-Jew trying to pass as Jewish though totally ignorant of Jewish traditions, as he works in a Jewish community

You Can't Save Yourself Alone 2015

Gaetano and Delia, a separated couple, try to pick up the pieces of their broken love, recalling all the faults and the mistakes which led them to where they are now.

It Can Be Done, Amigo 1974

An outspoken boy and a gunfighter-pimp save a drifter's life from hanging. The boy's uncle dies, leaving a house and some dry, useless land to the boy. The dying uncle has obtained the drifter's promise to help the boy get what is his. Meanwhile the gunfighter has decided that the drifter should marry his daughter after being with her previously. The two get into a series of brawls and shoot-outs until they arrive in the town and find the boy's inheritance -which turns out not to be as useless as it first appears.

Would I Lie to You? 3 2012

Eddie, Dov, Yvan and the others ... Our warm friends have migrated from the moribund Sentier to the flourishing suburb of Aubervilliers ... Where the old Jewish entrepreneurs left the ground to young courageous and dynamic Chinese wholesalers ... The little band is as close to each other as in previous episodes, and life goes on at the mercy of small family events and business. Dov still seems frivolous, enterprising Eddie, chilled Yvan, casual Karine, resolute Sandra, naive Chochana, irresponsible Serge and mythomaniac. As for Patrick, he is in love and the happy elected is far from easy to access. Everything would be fine until a bad wind brings its share of adversity seriously compromising the cohesion of the group. Will they succumb under the storm to the turmoil, or, once again, by mutual aid, cunning and skill, will they triumph over the crisis with panache?

If I Were a Rich Man 2002

Between Alice, a hospital nurse and Aldo, a shampoo sales representative, things have turned sour of late. Alice blames her husband for lacking ambition and contemplates divorce.One day Aldo wins the ten million euro lotto prize. But, unwilling to share the bonanza, he keeps mum about it, all the more as he finds out Alice has an affair with Gérard, Aldo's former friend and ... new boss. However, Aldo, leading a double life, starts spending his money ...

Divided We Fall 2000

In Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia, a childless couple agree to hide a Jewish friend at great personal risk of discovery and execution.

Would I Lie to You? 2 2001

Dans le quartier du Sentier, Eddie Vuibert, Dov et Yvan sont confrontés aux procédés pour le moins expéditifs de leur nouveau client, Eurodiscount, une chaîne européenne d'hypermarchés. Karine, lasse des turpitudes de son volage époux, Dov, le chasse du foyer. La bande de copains se disloque.Dov et Patrick partent tenter leur chance sous le soleil de Californie, tandis qu'Eddie et Yvan font les marchés. Entre temps, Serge, devenu livreur, noue une idylle avec Chochana Boutboul, une jeune fille de bonne famille à qui il fait croire qu'il est très fortuné.C'est alors qu'Eddie découvre que sa faillite dépasse le simple échec commercial et qu'il a été victime d'une scandaleuse escroquerie. Dès lors, il décide de se venger et conçoit un plan qui va réunir et mobiliser tous ses amis.

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