Sayang 1987

The film narrates Datin Zaharah had two sons, Herman and Noni, studying in a college. Herman always concerned about her sister Noni. The girl was not allowed to mix freely and attend social functions. Herman not only act as red but also as head of the house after his father's death a year ago. Noni, through kawawn class, Eda, can get acquainted with Don have agreed to attend a birthday party with their classmates Hussein. Don tries to seduce Noni but the girl refused, Hamzah has warned Don not to be friends with her sister again.

Sayang Anakku Sayang 1976

The story is about a married couple who have five kids and are living a very poor life in a rural area on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. All of their kids try to help out so their family would earn a better living. The family is very close to their neighbours who happens to try and help out the best that they can to ease off their suffering. Unfortunately one day their parents passed away leaving them on their own with no one to care to. Their neighbours tried their best to take care of them but they were a huge bunch so they have decided to give them away to other foster parents but they manage to run away to the big city.

Putus Sudah Kaseh Sayang 1971

Che 'Rostam worked as a bank manager. He has a wife named Rosmah and her young man named Rostam. Rosmah disease paralyzed and just move around the house using a wheelchair. Rostam who often endure the inner silence at home, often attended events organized by his friends. Meanwhile, his son Rosman is often a waste of time hovering in entertainment center, especially in a tea shop where Lisdar working as a waiter. Lisdar was a widow with a daughter who reared by his grandmother in the village. In the workplace Lisdar, also captivated many visitors but are included Rosman. On one night, Rostam was acquainted with at a dinner Lisdar friends. Because of too much alcohol, Rostam was drunk and took lodging at the house Lisdar flat. Meanwhile, Rosmah really never worried because Rostam did not return or stay in place for 21 years, they got married. The next day, when Rostam returned he had lied to his wife ...

Kaseh Sayang 1957

Film Kaseh Sayang is a a Malay film which was published in Malaysia in 1957. The film issued in the form of black and white film without color. After entrusting her baby girl Sukartini to the servant, Kartini leaves Singapore with her husband, Sudanto, to avoid the war. Halimah, the servant takes great care of the child despite her hardship and poverty. After the liberation of Singapore, Kartini returns to take her child back. Halimah is not willing to let go of Sukartini and runs away with her. She is caught eventually and sentenced to a year’s imprisonment. Though Sudanto and his wife win the child over, their hopes are shattered, as the child does not regard them as her parents.

Manis-manis Sayang 1983

Film-Sweet Sweet Love tells Jalil (AR badul) has sent a letter to stop working because too angry with the Managing Director of embarrassment in front of people. Meanwhile, the Managing Director received a command to send an officer to go abroad. Due to hate Jalil and want to separate it from Remli, the Managing Director shall propose Jalil sent abroad.

Marah-marah Sayang 1987

Rostam, Roslan dan Rosdin are fired from their jobs for being too preoccupied with music. They fall in love with Salina, Sarina and Safina respectively. The three girls do not reciprocate and try everything possible to ward off their advances. But Rostam and his friends are adamant and finally the girls give in and agree to marry them subject to certain conditions. However, none of the conditions are fulfilled and all three marriages go on the rocks.

Rasa Sayang Eh 1959

When the treasure map that became a bone of contention has fallen into the hands of a famous comedian, various funny action applies. Rasa Sayang Eh is a Malay film published in Malaysia in 1959. The film Rasa Sayang Eh published in the form of color film. Rasa Sayang Eh film first aired in 1959 in the cinema across the country. Displaying Wahid Satay, Dollah Sarawak, Kasma Booty, Salmah Ahmad, M. Amin, Yem and crowded again.

Tak Kemal Maka Tak Sayang 2014

Kemal, high school student from Samarinda, Indonesia. Repeatedly failed in teenage love, the girl the he dreamed was Raisya, the prettiest girl in school. The problem is Raisya is Nanda girlfriend, (A school whiz). Kemal effort to captivate Raisya culminated in a duel between him and Nanda. After graduate from high school Kemal move to Indonesia capital city, Jakarta. Unfortunately kemal still doesn't lucky in love. Kemal see the way to get the woman that his dreams is to become famous through the "Stand Up Comedy" stage (Indonesia TV Show).

Sayang Ibu 1989

Tells of a fisherman's daughter, Tiara that to the mother country to search the site as a singer. Because of works,s he has asked his friend to see his mother in the village that been let alone after his father died. The friend do not carry out the mandate it, otherwise use Tiara giving money to dissipate.

Cikgu Sayang 1983

A pretty young teacher named Hidayu was sent to the school to teach adults in a village. Hidayu nicknamed "Miss Honey" by his students, and this has angered and jealous wives students there.

Sayang Salmah 1995

Mr. Jabar and his wife are the products of Malay society around 1955-1960. They raise their children, Hassan and Salleh, to express their love of country based on their national and ethnic history. Hassan becomes active in politics, but his political failure and his father's death make him schizophrenic. Their mother tries to rear the boys well, but Salleh turns into a wild young man. He meets Salmah, a cabaret dancer, whom he eventually marries. Relationships within the family worsen...

Sayang Si Buta 1965

A sister love towards her blind little sister can't be compared. She sacrifice everyhting for her but once she got her eyesight back, she start to rebelion towards their mother

Bulan Bintang Dan Sayang 2018

The first five minutes, Amir, who is sad was cheered by Lily, a pretty girl that he befriended. Five minutes later, Lily got into an accident and he is the only one there. The original intention was, just wanting to help, but his life began immediately after the incident.

Sayang You Can Dance 2009

Mia is a girl who is so obses with hip hop dance. But it is quite impossible for him to realize his dream. But all that changed when Remi presence in his life. Remi is a dancer who is quite talented and charming succeeding Mia attention. They both accompanied with Dafi and Robby who also Mahu realize their dreams along with accompanying dance game across the country.

Antique 2008

Jin-hyuk was brought up as the well-bred heir to a corporate fortune. He has got the looks, the money and the charm, but even so, true love is hard to find. Jin-hyuk opens up a cake shop and hires Sun-woo, a talented patissier who had a crush on Jin-hyuk back in high school. Together with Gi-beom, an ex-boxing champion and Su-young, a clueless bodyguard, four unique and handsome men stir up a quiet neighborhood when they show up at the cake shop, Antique.

Sayang Papa Saya Tak 2017

The story about Raisya, a young girl who is spontaneous, rude and mercenary. Raisya who refused to continue their studies, desperate to escape from the orphanage occupied and began working as a nanny in a family house Farish. Experiences growing up in care homes Budi making it efficient in managing Qalish, young Farish who guard you. Efficiency and sincerity Raisya keep touching Qalish old mother Farish, madam Rogayah then arranged so Farish Raisya married. Farish depressed since the death of his ex-wife's love, has been urged by her mother to marry for the sake of future Raisya Qalish. Raisya also agreed to marry the remuneration of RM100,000. Labelled as a mercenary by the husband himself was close to the hearts Raisya because more important is its contribution to Rumah Budi care.

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