Brad's Status 2017

Although Brad has a satisfying career, a sweet wife and a comfortable life in suburban Sacramento, things aren't quite what he imagined during his college glory days. When he accompanies his musical prodigy son on a university tour, he can't help comparing his life with those of his four best college friends who seemingly have more wealthy and glamorous lives. But when circumstances force him to reconnect with his former friends, Brad begins to question whether he has really failed or if their lives are actually more flawed than they appear.

Status Update 2018

After being uprooted by his parents' separation and unable to fit into his new hometown, a teenager stumbles upon a magical app that causes his social media updates to come true.

Status 2012

After being dumped on his birthday by his long-time girlfriend, Bud is forced to start dating again.

Status: Single 2009

At 30, Doris (Rufa Mae Quinto) can feel her biological clock ticking. For her, nothing can be worse than growing old, lonely and dying a virgin. She needs a man, and she needs one pronto! So to make her dream of walking down the aisle come true, she enlists the help of her best pal, Randy. Will Doris end up with the gorgeous Fil-Am bartender Hans , the intellectual Sean , or the zero self-esteem officemate Inaki? Or will she accept the fact that she’s destined to be single forever, and can be happy that way?


Statlink is the ultimate modern connection. Placed inside of your body and making one able to communicate to the world all the time.

Status: It's Complicated! 2013

The movie is inspired by the 1979 classic sexy-comedy film Salawahan directed by Ishmael Bernal whom originally stars Rita Gomez, Mat Ranillo, Jay Ilagan, Rio Locsin, Sandy Andolong, and Bonching Miraflor.

Status Pending 2019

After six months with her Tinder guy, an indecisive millennial must overcome the high life expectations she's built from social media to decide today: either take a last-minute voyage, or settle down into a career and relationship with him.

Status Yo! 2004

Breathlessly energetic Berlin-set hip-hop epic »Status Yo!« employs performers and locations from local music scene to tell an ambitious story of one eventful night in the German capital. With just 24 hours in which to organize the biggest party the city's ever seen, Yan Eq, Jamie, Sera and others must deal with their love lives, tenuous living arrangements and various shady characters on their way to hip-hop glory.

Status: Unknown 2014

After a lively high school reunion, Jessica and Cynthia reconnect with their childhood friend Karen and vow to stay in close communication online. After a year of cheerful daily status updates, Karen begins to post some strange updates to her life. When Jessica tries to call Karen to let her know that she and Cynthia will be in town for the week she is unable to reach her. Sensing something may be seriously wrong, Jessica tracks down Karen's husband Paul to find out where her friend is. Paul tells her that Karen ran off to Hawaii due to marriage issues but Jessica is convinced he is lying. But when random status posts begin showing up on Karen's page, Jessica suspects that someone else might be behind it...

Status and Terrain 2019

When first viewing Zustand und Gelände, we might be under the impression it belongs to a well-known tradition of historical documentaries. Long shots, extremely slow all-round views, steady panning: the image patiently describes a series of urban sites and landscapes of the former German Democratic Republic (Saxony and Thuringia). Through highly elaborate arrangements of archives from different sources (police reports, survivors’ testimonies, administrative correspondence, and more), an o -screen voice establishes what these places set the stage for in March 1933: the Nazi concentration system and an elimination regime of all political opposition. Especially noteworthy, in this film, is the extremely attentive channelling towards still unknown times and geographies of the horror Hitler inflicted on the first victims: people with sympathies for communism, activists, trade unionists, socio-democratic journalists, and so on.

Status Update 2018

Star high school quarterback, Josh McIntyre wants to be a writer, but everyone sees him only as a popular jock headed to college on a football scholarship. After transferring to a new school, he decides to write an article about the bullying of a gay student at his new school. In order to really shake things up, Josh decides to make his article a grand social experiment by changing his Facebook status to "interested in men" and writing about how perceptions of family, teammates and teachers change toward him. But Josh gets more than he bargained for when a fellow student with a crush on him, posts a tribute video about his hero "Josh the Gay Quarterback". The video goes viral and Josh suddenly finds himself shot into the media spotlight and a hero to gay teens across the country. Nothing about being gay for Josh is easy, especially keeping the big secret that he's actually straight.

Civil Status 2005

A brilliant observational documentary filmed at the Civil Registry office in St. Petersburg, where people come to have births, marriages, divorces and deaths registered. 'It’s like a theatre here', one says in the beginning of the film, and it indeed is, the Theater of Life. The young women working in the office have a job that shifts from being verbally attacked and called idiots, to situations where they are subject to flirt, or where they master the happy ceremony of marriage. Faces, joy, sorrow, fun, despair... It’s all very well composed, rhythmical, with atmosphere conveyed, and lives up to what a documentary should be: multilayered and universal. And about Life.

Status Anxiety 2004

Social status in a capitalistic society is a major factor in how people live their lives. This social status greatly revolves around a person’s financial status. This film examines how the quest to move up the social ladder has brought untold depression and anxieties about ones self.

Status Symbol 1970

2 minutes experimental short film by Sebastian C. Schroeder

Relationship Status 2012

Based on the numerous options available on sites such as Facebook, Relationship Status tells the story of a number of KL-ites from all walks of life whose relationships are created, changed and sometimes even ruined by social networking and the way we communicate in this day and age.

Sommore: Chandelier Status 2013

Sommore, the funniest and most elegant comedian on the scene, brings her unique brand of hip-hop comedy to this filmed stage show, shot on location in Miami, Florida. Tackling everything from the mundane lyrics of hit songs to the peculiar phenomenon of celebrities with no apparent skill or talent, Sommore also adds in some self deprecating humor that will have you laughing out loud.

Status: In Trouble 2012

Based on a series of Facebook posts and rumors, group of high-school students suspect a friend of theirs is in serious trouble and take action to help her, without realizing that their "intervention" is getting them in even greater troubles.

Status Quo - Live Legends 2004

Status Quo are veterans of the English rock scene, can count Prince Charles amongst their fans, and performed a rousing set at the legendary Live Aid concert. LIVE LEGENDS was originally released to coincide with their 25th anniversary, and features a welter of material, including candid backstage clips and live performance footage..

Status Quo - Back2SQ1 Live 2013

Status Quo are one of Britain's longest-lived bands, staying together for over 40 years. During much of that time, the band was only successful in the U.K., where it racked up a string of Top Ten singles across the decades.

Relationship Status 2016

Split between Los Angeles and New York, the series follows a group of 20- and 30-somethings over the course of a year as they navigate love and relationships in a world propelled by social media.

State of the Union 2019

Tom and Louise meet in a pub immediately before their weekly marital therapy session. With each successive episode we piece together how their lives were, what drew them together and what has started to pull them apart.

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