Ajari Aku Islam 2019

Although Kenny and Fidya like each other, cultural and religious differences cause their parents do not approve of their relationship. Kenny's parents hope that Kenny married Chelsea Tan. While Fidya's old love, Fahri, returned from his studies in Turkey.

Follow Me to Hell 2019

The happiness of Lita and her husband, Rama, do not last long because Lita is often terrorized by creepy female creatures. Rama brings Mr. Adam to clean their house from the ghost disturbance. Mr. Adam explaines that this terror does not come from the house but from inside Lita herself. Mr. Adam gives a hint that the answer is in Lita's past, by asking for an explanation from Sari, the mother she left behind. Sari is admitted to a mental hospital.

Chaotic Love Poems 2016

A cheerful yet serious Indonesian Romeo and Juliet. A boy and a girl from the same district, but with difficult childhoods and other reasons not to acknowledge their love. Through the colourful and musical retro style - the 1970s came late to Indonesia - shines a chaotic political and social era.

Aku Masih Dara 2010

Films I Still Virgin centered on Aleesya (Yana Samsudin), Sofea (Raja Farah) and Hani who was three close friends who have different backgrounds. They also have different views about Islam, based on the way they were raised by their parents. Aleesya have a basic religious education - can study and know the prayers.

Aku, Kau & KUA 2014

What will you do when falling in love with someone? Give it attention, dating him, or bury your feelings? If the question is given to Deon (Deva Mahenra), Mona (Karina Barbie), and Rico (Duke dolken), they will be compact answer: propose him/her! Yes, Deon whose cross his heart to Fira (Nina Zatulini) unceremoniously asked her to marry. Starting with propose process more similar to MLM presentation, Fira in the end is accept the Deon propose. Mona too. Realizing that she discovered her love to Emil (Dwi Sasono) who has already married, she volunteered to be a his second wife. Rico also dare come propose Aida (Bianca Liza), even though he realizes that he has not been established. Although ultimately unsuccessful in the end. Emil went away after repeatedly "ask for GOD forgiveness" and Aida chose to marry another man already established, but both have shown one thing: if you truly in love, JUST PROPOSE HER/HIM!

Aku Bukan Tomboy 2011

Aku Bukan Tomboy" is a story of a tomboy (Scha Alya) who was raised by her single-parent father after the loss of her mother when she was just a child. Deep down inside, she has crushes on guys and fancies them, just like any other girl. Unknowingly, she is in a love triangle with two guys - Harry (Shaheizy Sam) and Burn (Syamsul Yusof).

Aku Tahu 2013

Asrar have an affair with Nurul eventhough Asrar already married. Conflict start to hapen when Nurul kidnap Asrar daughter because she believe the child is an obstacle between them.

I am Into You 2013

An Indonesian couple run away to be with each other. However, not having the necessary documents and letters, they cannot get married. The groom wants to bribe the officials, but the bride refuses. After all, the very reason they ran away is because her father is involved in a corruption case.

Aku Posmen 2018

Usop aspires to be a soldier but eventually became a postman after his proposal was rejected by Fauziah's father who insulted his father's career.

Sempurnakah Aku? 2019

Amelia and Johan have been married for 8 years, but have not still bore a child. Due to Johan's ego, he does not want to do the fertility test. Johan was mocked for Amelia's age and his in-law tried looking for a new wife candidate for Johan.

Aku Pilih Kamu 2013

Qesya already in love with Iskandar for 5 years. Qesya wants Iskandar thinks about their future. Their relationship is strong and Qesya wantS to tie the knot. However Iskandar is ambitious. He wants to continue his study up to the highest level. Iskandar loves Qesya but he also does not want to sacrifice his dreams.

Tolong! Awek Aku Pontianak 2011

"Tolong! Awek Aku Pontianak" follows the naive yet kind Bob (Zahiril Adzim) who moves to a new apartment and falls in love with a peculiar woman named Maya (Sazzy Falak). Maya who lives with her sister (Liyana Jasmay), harbours a secret and other around her are beginning to suspect that she just might just be a vampire.

Aku Terima Nikahnya 2012

The film tells the story of a faithful wife, Arlisa (Nora Danish), whose blissful life is shattered when her husband Johan (Adi Putra) is involved in a car accident. Due to the accident, he is diagnosed with Selective Amnesia, which complicates and challenges his relationship with Arlisa. Not wanting to give up on her husband and their love, Arlisa is determined to care for Johan although he does not remember her at all, hoping to remind him of the bond they once shared.

Brand of Evil 1964

A Japanese detective, Kikuchi, is framed for a murder and sent to prison. When he is paroled, he joins a private detective agency to investigate his case and investigates Mitsue Takazawa, the wife of a local trading firm whom is really a crime lord responsible for Kikuchi's imprisionment and now sets sights on Setsuko, a woman Kikuchi becomes romantically involved with.

Aku Cinta Kamu 2014

I Love You is an omnibus film comprising of four stories, based from songs by Piyu Padi -- Firasatku (My Feelings), Cinta Itu Adalah (Definition of Love), Sakit Hati (Heartbreak), and Jernih (Clear).

Aku Tak Bodoh 2010

A Malay remake of Jack Neo's 2002 hit "I Not Stupid Too" directed by Boris Boo. A 16-year-old boy named Roy who is stuck with a dysfunctional family. Both of his parents are two busy working adults who, in pursuit of luxury, with the thinking that fiscal and material things are the only necessities their children would ever need, had neglected the emotional needs of Roy and his younger brother, Jefri in the process. Follow Roy's misadventures as he copes with pre-adolescence, depression and even joining a small group of gangsters as means of fulfilling the void left by his problematic home situation and finding his true self.

Aku Mahu Hidup 1970

This filem is produce in 1970, a tawdry comedy / melodrama about prostitution and alcoholic excess.

Suami Aku Ustaz 2015

Alisa who are still in school are forced to marry in secret with his cousin, who is also a religious teacher (Ustaz Hafiz) at the same school as her parents want someone to take care of their daughter during their pilgrimage. Their secret was uncovered, the husband had been slandered raping underage girl and arrested by the police.

Separuh Aku

Separuh Aku in English is a soap opera which aired on RCTI Saturday until Thursday At 9:15 pm. This soap opera produced by SinemArt. Players such as Asmirandah, Rezky Aditya, and Miller Khan.

Terima Aku Seadanya 2018

Kamelia, a successful interior designer finds her already low self-esteem more degrading when her fiancé, Edry cheated on her with her half-sister, Sahara. To make matters worse, Sahara is the total opposite of Kamelia – slim-figured, beautiful and outgoing. Feeling pressured and in the attempt of trying to win Edry back, Kamelia tries to lose her weight by consuming all types of slimming pills but none seem to work.

Playboy Itu Suami Aku 2013

Afina, a gentle and polite young lady found her soul mate Adrian who is a playboy. After marriage, she tries to charm her husband's affection, but Adrian remains a womanizer. One day, she was involved in an accident. Everything began to change. What will happen to this couple?

Kau dan Aku 2009

Kau dan Aku is a Malaysian adaptation drama from a Venezuelan television series called Somos Tu Y Yo. This drama airs at Astro Ria every Saturday at 10 PM.

Biar Aku Jadi Penunggu 2016

Ifaat Hamani and Afeef Adwan are best friends since school days. When Afeef get an offer to continue their studies abroad, his mother had put a condition that Afeef end his bachelor days earlier before he went abroad. As a result of desperation, Afeef Ifaat had to use as a springboard.

Aku Cinta Dia 2018

The story of a girl named Laila in her life despite the love built with her husband, ends up splitting. Laila was disappointed that Ikhwan did not attend the wedding, she suffered from the shame when also got to know that Ikhwan took himself abroad to find solace. Making room reservations was one of the challenges that Laila had to face in Amsterdam. After finding his place, he went out for a walk. Laila met Sarina, a friendly and popular person on Instagram social media. Laila was given the opportunity to rent a room in Sarina's lodge after telling her what had happened. Laila's recent encounter with Affan who had just arrived from Malaysia to visit Sarina found Laila with her instacrush. Each of them does not know the real reason Laila was there. The three of them are getting closer. Laila tells the story of her arrival in Amsterdam because she likes to see Affan's uploaded Instagram post. Unexpectedly, Affan offered to take Laila to the place. Affan kept his promise. Laila almost forgot about the story she had left in Kuala Lumpur and she was so happy with it all that she was shocked by the news of the Ikhwan's wedding with her roommate Nel. The news is sad and Laila finally tells Affan about it. Feelings of love begin to arise. Affan decides to propose to Laila and wants to get married as soon as possible. Laila was shocked by the proposal. They got married in Amsterdam. At the same time, Sarina wants to find their biological father in Malaysia but has no approval from Affan. Laila was also worried about accepting her family. Can Sarina meet her biological father? How Dr. Azhar and Mrs. Zaity about their children's wedding in Amsterdam?

Aku no Onna Kanbu 2011

A princess is punished by her servant by being taken over by a spell that makes her obey his every command. The princess is forced to have sex and masturbate in front of him while he tries to claim her throne.

Bukan Kerana Aku Tak Cinta 2017

Sinopsis Bukan Kerana Aku Tak Cinta Bukan Kerana Aku Tak Cinta mengisahkan seorang lelaki berdarah campuran Melayu-Cina berhijrah selepas melakukan banyak kejahatan sebelum ini. Ahmad Ziyad Jebat, dibesarkan keluarga gengster selepas ibu bapanya mati dibunuh. Bagaimanapun, Jebat berubah selepas satu kejadian dan bertemu pula dengan abangnya, Wahab. Ketika berhijrah, tidak pernah terlintas di hatinya untuk jatuh cinta kerana tujuan hijrahnya hanya untuk menuntut ilmu agama dan melupakan kisah silamnya. Sifatnya yang tenang, rajin dan baik hati menarik hati Mastura iaitu adik ipar majikannya, Uwais. Pelbagai cara dilakukan Mastura untuk menarik perhatiannya sehingga Jebat rimas. Walau berkali-kali ditolak, Mastura tidak berputus asa. Jebat tidak pernah menyangka gadis cantik, kaya dan bijak seperti Mastura terpaut hati kepadanya, seorang lelaki biasa yang mempunyai parut di bahagian mata. Selepas berkahwin dengan Mastura, satu persatu rahsia Jebat terbongkar. Dapatkah Mastura menerima Jebat selepas mengetahui suaminya dulu bekas gengster, kaki judi, minum arak, kaki perempuan dan segala macam kejahatan pernah dilakukan Jebat? Drama Bukan Kerana Aku Tak Cinta sarat dengan konflik menyentuh perasaan. Kisah seorang cucu Tan Sri yang tergila-gilakan bekas ketua gengster menjadi paparan, bagaimanapun konflik mereka dilihat lebih menarik apabila diterjemahkan. Drama Bukan Kerana Aku Tak Cinta lakonan Sharnaaz Ahmad sebagai Ahmad Ziyad Jebat dan Nelydia Senrose (Mastura), Iqram Dinzly (Cif Inspektor Aryan), Tony Eusoff (Tiger), Adlein Sein (Airen), Lisdawati (Hanan), Alex Yanz (Uwais), Azhar Sulaiman (Wahab) dan Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan (Tan Sri Idris). Bukan Kerana Aku Tak Cinta arahan Jamal Khan Drama adaptasi novel karya E-Man Sufi atau nama sebenarnya Hafizah Mohamed itu diterbitkan syarikat produksi, Pena Creative Pictures Sdn Bhd milik produser terkenal, Ziela Jalil Drama Bukan Kerana Aku Tak Cinta akan disiarkan sebanyak 60 episod (satu episod setengtah jam) di Astro Mustika HD (saluran 134), jam 10 malam.

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