Flying Cart 1955

When a plane crashes one of it's travellers, Kashi, winds up in a place ruled by women

Uranya 2006

Summer 1969. Dictatorship. In a small country town, young Achileas breaks his leg by falling off the yard wall of the local cinema. He wanted to see Brigit Bardot naked... However, during his visit to the city to treat his broken leg, for the first time in his life he sees a television! The program informs about the launching of Apollo to the moon. The idea of the launching becomes Achileas' obsession and along with his friends they collect money, in order to purchase a TV set. However, soon, the dilemma becomes imperative. Will they buy a television or "visit" all together Uranya in order to be taught the secrets of love?

Urumbukal Urangarilla 2015

Movie is about a retired master thief Keluvashan and his dearest disciple Kallan Benny. Once a young man came to see Keluvashan and expressed his wish to study the tricks and secrets of theft.

Uranus 1990

After World War II, a small French village struggles to put the war behind as the controlling Communist Party tries to flush out Petain loyalists. The local bar owner, a simple man who likes to write poetry, who only wants to be left alone to do his job, becomes a target for Communist harassment as they try and locate a particular loyalist, and he pushes back.

Loving Pablo 2018

The film chronicles the rise and fall of the world's most feared drug lord Pablo Escobar and his volatile love affair with Colombia's most famous journalist Virginia Vallejo throughout a reign of terror that tore a country apart.

The Uranium Conspiracy 1978

This feature was shot in the midst of some of Europe's most stunning scenery. The story focuses on the efforts of an espionage agent, played by Italian heartthrob Fabio Testi, to secure a uranium shipment that has been targeted by an enemy power.

Uranium Boom 1956

Ex-lumberjack Brad Collins (Dennis Morgan) and mining engineer Grady Mathews (William Talman) find uranium in the Colorado badlands. While Grady guards the claim, Brad goes to register it in town, where he meets and marries Jean Williams (Patricia Medina.) Returning to the claim, Brad learns that Jean was once Grady's fiancee. Grady, as one would expect, is somewhat put out and leaves the mine in Brad's hands, while he hooks up with a confidence man and engineers a scheme to break the back of Brad's somewhat rapidly-created mining empire.

Uranes 2013

Chema García Ibarra directed and wrote the script of this story about planning a question from beginning to end: how parents died José Manuel? Uranes is starring Jose Manuel Ibarra, Antonio Ibarra, José Luis Fullea, Susi Martinez, Carmina Luis Miguel Esteve and Welcome. García Ibarra us to a rural area full of secrets and family memories in which fact and fiction are mixed to dilute sometimes the boundaries that separate them.

Dig That Uranium 1955

The boys buy a uranium mine out west, but when they get there they find that it's pretty much worthless. However, the local badmen are distrustful of these new strangers, and when they mistakenly get the impression that the mine is loaded with uranium, they hatch a scheme to get rid of the boys and take over the mine.

Uranus 2010

A spaceman escapes his home world because it'd become a big drag. On Uranus, he finds that life is strange and wonderful.

Up Uranus!

Debut film by Canadian filmmaker Claudio Castravelli

Uranium Drive-In 2013

The story of Naturita, Colorado, an economically devastated rural mining community that finds itself hopeful for the first time in decades. Their potential salvation: a new uranium mill, the first of its kind built in the U.S. in 30 years. A mill that would re-connect Naturita to its proud history -- supplying the uranium used to build the first atomic bomb, which ushered in the Nuclear Age. And now, a greener energy source to help free America from its dependence on foreign oil. But others in the town are worried about the severe health and environmental consequences of the last uranium boom.The film offers a range of perspectives that will spark dialogue about where our energy comes from and what sacrifices we make to meet our growing energy demands.

Uranium Hex 1987

A memory-using location film of a stay with a uranium mining community. Using a kaleidoscopic array of experimental techniques, this film explores uranium mining in Canada and its destructive effects on both the environment and the women working in the mines. A plethora of images ranging from the women at work to spine-chilling representations of cancerous bodies are accompanied by unnerving industrial sounds and straightforward information from some of the women.

Urania Descending 2016

An alienated and disaffected American girl impulsively buys a one-way ticket to merry Vienna. In the café society demimonde of the imperial city, she becomes embroiled in an intrigue to uncover Nazi plunder buried in Lake Atter.

Double Happiness Uranium 2013

The newly formed Independent Republic of South Australia is the phoenix that rises from the ashes of a decaying and corrupt Australian Commonwealth, becoming wealthy beyond imagination on the back of uranium.

Uranium Blues 1956

An old prospector and his faithful mule have shared the dangers of gold-seeking together for many years until the hunt for uranium becomes a quest. The old prospector switches to a jeep and leaves his faithful mule behind. However, the jeep is not as dependable as the mule and fails the prospector in a crisis situation, and the mule goes to his rescue.

Vixen Highway 2006: It Came from Uranus! 2010

Ailing, egotistical and sexually perverted rock-star Bobby Barzell (who sold his soul for wealth and rock and roll stardom) awaits a liver transplant from a psychotic fugitive of the law; as a vengeful, demonic alien tries to collect a past debt.

Uranium: Twisting the Dragon's Tail 2015

A stunning new documentary series exploring the incredible story of uranium, from its creation in an exploding star to its deployment in nuclear weapons, nuclear power, and nuclear medicine. It’s a journey across nine countries and more than a century of stories, to discover the rock that made the modern world. It’s part science, part history, and all epic adventure. Join physicist and YouTube phenomenon Dr. Derek Muller as he reveals the untold story of the most wondrous and terrifying rock on Earth.

Uranium 2003

Uranium is an American television program about heavy metal which aired on Fuse TV in the early 2000s. After establishing herself as the host of MMUSA's Tastemakers program, Juliya Chernetsky, along with network producers, created Uranium as an outlet for the broad range of heavy metal subgenres. Debuting in 2002 and hosted by a 19-year-old Chernetsky, it served as Fuse TV's equivalent to MTV's Headbangers Ball, a long-canceled series that was revived shortly after Uranium's debut. With new episodes premiering Friday nights at 9pm ET, the program traditionally ran a half hour featuring an interview with a band and music videos. Uranium ended in 2006 due to Juliya's departure from Fuse TV, but reruns still occasionally air late at night. Current airings often consist entirely of video blocks without interview segments. Over the years, Fuse TV has introduced various new programs in place of Uranium, and Chernetsky has continued her career in heavy metal journalism.

Temp Staff Psychic Ataru 2019

21-year-old Ataru Matoba begins work for an event company as a dispatched worker. This is her first real job. She goes to work wearing a knit hat, sunglasses and a long coat. She is happy to have the various work experiences and she works pleasantly. Ataru Matoba also has a special ability. When she makes eye contact with someone, she can see that person's troubles or indelible memory. With her special ability, Ataru Matoba solves troubles of people she works with.

The Fortune Telling Shop, Onmyoya 2013

A mysterious man Shomei Abeno opens a fortune telling shop in a quiet neighbourhood. However, residents of the area wonders if he is just a regular con man with something to hide.

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