Kata Hati 2013

Conscience begins with the story of heartbreak experienced by the two main characters: Randi (Boy Hamza) who has just left his girlfriend, Dera (Kimberly Ryder), because it chose to pursue her career as a model and Fila (Joanna Alexandra) who realized that the friend he had admired for 10 years, Adrian (Arnhezy Arczhanka), it was established in love with someone else. One unintended meeting in a cafe finally introduce two people who were hit by the turmoil of the heart with each other. And as can be expected ... tersebutlah introductions and then slowly begin to heal the wounds of love in the hearts of each one.

Soal Hati 2000

Ahmad Daniel has everything a young man could wish for; loving parents, megabucks and girls, girls and girls. But when he first set his sights on pretty kampung lass Nurul Ain, it was indeed love at first sight. Nurul is a salesgirl in the departmental store and takes night classes for self-development. With the help of his driver and confidante, Osman, Daniel sets out to woo Nurul by pretending to be plain ol' Ahmad. He has had his share of bad experiences when women want him because of his wealth and not for who he is. However, Nurul's uncle who is having financial difficulties wants to marry her off to a rich widower. To halt his plans, Daniel explained who he really is. Feeling betrayed that the one she loved and trusted most had lied to her, Nurul could not accept Daniel back. Can Daniel woo her back? Can he now overcome the insurmountable obstacles to win back the heart of the woman he loves?

Warna-warna Hati 1990

The story of the courage and determination of a single mother whose husband's death to the family and the business

Pujaan Hati Kanda Raya 2019

After taking over Hotel Arjuna, Danny is getting busy making Tiara lonely. Tiara gets annoyed when her grandmother tried to control her movements because her grandmother is worried that Tiara would get miscarriage for the second time. Feeling dissapointed, Tiara ran away from the village. While Kak Sue is busy taking orders but could not afford to complete it during the promised period. Meanwhile, Pali got mentally ill after his parents passed away.

Port of Hearts 2017

Bia, Indi, and Maria are three women with different backgrounds, but they share one common interest -- diving. Three of them are united in Labuan Bajo, heaven for all divers; and yet, separated by one love interest: Mahesa, the local diving instructor.

Permata Hati 2017

The happiness of their family has begun to suffocate after Aizuddin received a phone call from his friend, Herman (Teuku Zacky) who brought the news unexpectedly when he was told that he had a son named Alexander (Light Rizky Saputra) as a result of his brief relationship with Sandra (Wulan Guritno), a European woman a few years ago. Zul Ariffin's Heart of Grief The destruction of a wife's heart when loyalty and affection are forgiven by dishonesty. How to break a child's heart when a man is honored and respected by a dutiful act.

Hati Batu

Hati Batu film tells the story of two sisters of a marriage that is not blessed be abused their grandfather who drunkard.

Patah Hati 1952

Romance with Rahimah not sanctioned Kassim Hassan and Sidek . They expect to be married to Salma Kassim . And to decide on such a relationship with Hassan went to see Rahimah not far Kassim . To Rahimah , Hassan told the event the debt of gratitude due Hassan Kassim and begged him not yet made ​​contact with Kassim .

Hati Iblis 1953

Aini (Aini Hayati) is left to fend for herself after her father passed away from sickness. She finds employment as a maid for a nasty woman, who seems to be in a persistently vengeful mood and showers her with verbal and physical abuse. Rather coincidentally, Aini’s boyfriend Ramlan (Ali Rahman) happens to be the brother-in-law of the abusive employer. Aini confides her sorrows to Ramlan, who clearly identifies with her grim view of life, being unemployed and in a pretty forlorn state himself. Nonetheless, Ramlan is from a middle-class background and his proposal to marry Aini, who is considered socially inferior, is met with outright disapproval.

Musik Hati 2008

Tisa and Airin are the perfect accompanying tune to their father, Sastro, who has been raising them as a single dad. Their bond as a family starts to tremble as a young man named Ray gets the attention of Tisa and Airin.

Bicara Hati 2004

The film depicts the lives of the students who will take the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM). A student named Gina was enamored with his own teacher. She is also less focus on education. The arrival of a new English teacher, Hadi managed to give new hope to the students of the school and eventually they passed with flying colors.

Psiko: Pencuri Hati 2013

How far would you research when you write a novel about serial killers? Do you have to think like a serial killer? Do you need to find the emotions and the skills of a serial killer to ensure your character works on paper? In "Psiko: Pencuri Hati", this question consumes the main character Sidi. Sidi is a writer, whose wretched soul is always struggling internally, tries to find some quiet time whilst doing research for his latest novel about serial killers, but finds himself succumbing to the darkness, little by little.

Pok Ya Cong Codei: Siti Di Hati 2018

Pok Ya still cannot forget Siti, his wife who has run away. To cure his wounds, Pok Ya is married to his friend's son, but his new wife is not as soft as Siti...

Apa Kata Hati 2008

Elly is a young fashion designer who works at Boutique Karya Anggun. She is a very cheerful person who is a positive thinker and believes that to every sadness, happiness will soon come along. That's her motto in love. On one fine day she is being given a gift dreamt by most women, the ability to hear what men thinks. She sees this as a curse when she hears more negative things rather than positive things. With her new found gift she also gets confused in choosing her soul mate. With all these mixed emotions

Si Jantung Hati 1986

The film tells two young men in their quest to find the section wills inheritance of their father. They face many obstacles and challenges before met a man with the last section of the will. The results of grafting cuttings, they were finally able to find the secret location of the property is situated. At the same time, a group of thugs were trying to get cuttings will. They all eventually meet at a secret location of the property and unravel a mystery that has long been stored there. What secrets are hidden behind the will?

1957 Hati Malaya 2007

Four young Malaysians, Salmi, Razak, Ani and Angee have been assigned to do a picture book of ‘1957’. While two of them grudgingly carry out the request made by the publisher, Zahari, one of them takes on the role enthusiastically. Along the way, they find themselves immersed in the characters, emotional moments, identifying with and finding meaning in the struggle of ‘1957’. They weave the story of independence by transporting themselves back to the past. Ordinary Malaysians who fell in love, and found their love for the country override their personal emotions. The present characters find new meaning to ‘Merdeka’

Pencuri Hati Mr Cinderella 2017

This romantic drama film tells of a successful businessman living a silence. She then hired a young GRO woman to accompany her to her daily activities. However unaware they both fell in love with each other.

2 Hati, 1 Jiwa 2010

LANA and LINA will always have differences within themselves. Nevertheless, they still managed to live as good friends with each other. Since small, they have been protected by their parents against outside social elements. They have never been educated in public school. One day, the parents realized that they need to be exposed to the outside world so that the girls will not be too dependent on them. Both girls get this opportunity when they were admitted in the university. They were allowed to choose their preferences in course subjects, self interests and lifestyles. They are twins with contrastingly different individuals but sharing one conjoined body. For the first time in their lives, they hated each other. Only through an operation this conflicts could be solved. This film shows interesting plots of LANA’s and LINA’s challenges and undulated differences since their university days that end up with their operation.

Jauh Di Sudut Hati 1984

A story about a couple Hazira and Taufik that live in an estet. Taufik is a womanizer but clever enough to fool Hazira. Will his double life stay hidden for ever?

Suri Hati Mr Pilot 2016

Synopsis drama, Ejaz meeting (Mr. Pilot) and Warda reopen sheet story two years ago. The events that led to Warda family thrown on his own stupidity is too obsessed with Muslim love! The shakes were present for the soul Warda and Ejaz own frantic. Ejaz pushed jealous with the presence of Daniel and Razik, who also keeps a special feeling in Warda. Finally he decided to marry Warda.

Pujaan Hati Kanda 2018

Tells the story of Danish/Danny Megat, a playboy who is determined to build a new life. However, on his wedding day, he received a 'gift' of a baby placed in the foyer of a mosque with a greeting card and birth certificate. His future wife, Nadine refuses to continue their marriage as the mystery of the baby's presence is unraveled. The wedding ceremony was canceled and Danny had to take responsibility for the baby. Danny is forced to find a caregiver that is willing to take care of as he investigates who Rizqy's mother really is and that Rizqy is his biological son. In trouble, Danny is met by Tiara, a university student who struggles with money. Danny kept the truth about the baby's identity. Tiara only knew Danny was a widower whose wife died. Unexpectedly, love begins to break between Danny and Tiara. At the same time, Danny is still trying to track down the mysterious girl for the truth in a way that even unravels the mystery that haunts his life.

Hati Perempuan 2015

The drama is about Yuhanis, a determined and self-reliant girl working as an architect at Izzudin & Co. Meanwhile, Tengku Zaril, a handsome guy who is also the CEO of Paradigm Holding, has a worldwide network of businesses. Tengku Zaril's greatness and wealth were often a girl's craze but not for Yuhanis. To Yuhanis, Tengku Zaril is a cynical and annoying man.

Halalkan Hati Yang Ku Curi 2018

Delisha and Faiq are young married couple who loves to socialize and live extravagantly. They ignore their family advice and later leave home. After a month they are away, they are surprised to find that their grandmother house has been sold. Their family members cannot be reached. The company has already been transferred to another person. They are forced to live independently. Their marriage on the rock and worst Delisha’s ex-boyfriend reappear. Their relationship is tested but Faiq and Delisha persevered through it.

Gonul 2015

A nurse escapes from her surgeon fiancé after his ex reveals his dark secrets. She later finds love again, but a car accident changes everything.

Zoboomafoo 1999

Zoboomafoo is an American children's television series that aired from January 25, 1999, to April 28, 2001, and is still shown today in syndication depending on the area, and it is regularly shown on PBS Kids Sprout. A total of 65 episodes were aired. A creation of the Kratt Brothers, it features a talking Coquerel's Sifaka, a type of lemur, named Zoboomafoo, or Zoboo for short, and a collection of repeat animal guests. Every episode begins with the Kratt brothers in "Animal Junction", a peculiar place in which the rules of nature change and wild animals come to visit and play. After January 16, 2004, the show was pulled from its weekday airing on most PBS stations, though some continue to air the show.

Remember Darling 2006

A love story at the end of 1950's in Turkey, Istanbul. In the political era of Turkey in that years, two young people from opposite families fall in love. Their families don't allow them to marry. They face lots of obstacles for years.


Hatim is an Indian television series that originally aired on STAR Plus channel in 2003-4. It is about an Arab prince Hatim Tai, a pre-Islamic Christian from Yemen and the father of Adi bin Hatim and Safana bint Hatim who was the companions of the Prophet Muhammad, Hatim has to solve seven questions to defeat the evil sorcerer lord Dajjal aided by Najumi. It has elements of fantasy. It was started by director Sagar, based on one of Jeetendra's films Hatimtai.

The Adventures of Hatim 2013

Hatim, a young prince, goes from a regular, uneventful life to becoming a force that saves the world from the evil Zargham.

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