Perfect Blue 1999

A retired pop singer turned actress' sense of reality is shaken when she is stalked by an obsessed fan and seemingly a ghost of her past.

Pitch Perfect 2012

College student Beca knows she does not want to be part of a clique, but that's exactly where she finds herself after arriving at her new school. Thrust in among mean gals, nice gals and just plain weird gals, Beca finds that the only thing they have in common is how well they sing together. She takes the women of the group out of their comfort zone of traditional arrangements and into a world of amazing harmonic combinations in a fight to the top of college music competitions.

Pitch Perfect 2 2015

The Bellas are back, and they are better than ever. After being humiliated in front of none other than the President of the United States of America, the Bellas are taken out of the Aca-Circuit. In order to clear their name, and regain their status, the Bellas take on a seemingly impossible task: winning an international competition no American team has ever won. In order to accomplish this monumental task, they need to strengthen the bonds of friendship and sisterhood and blow away the competition with their amazing aca-magic! With all new friends and old rivals tagging along for the trip, the Bellas can hopefully accomplish their dreams.

The Perfect Date 2019

No beau? No problem! To earn money for college, a high schooler creates a dating app that lets him act as a stand-in boyfriend.

The Perfect Storm 2000

In October 1991, a confluence of weather conditions combined to form a killer storm in the North Atlantic. Caught in the storm was the sword-fishing boat Andrea Gail. Magnificent foreshadowing and anticipation fill this true-life drama while minute details of the fishing boats, their gear and the weather are juxtaposed with the sea adventure.

A Perfect World 1993

A kidnapped boy strikes up a friendship with his captor: an escaped convict on the run from the law, headed by an honorable U.S. Marshal.

A Perfect Day 2016

Film about a group of aid workers trying to resolve a crisis in an armed conflict zone in the Balkans.

A Perfect Getaway 2009

For their honeymoon, newlyweds Cliff and Cydney head to the tropical islands of Hawaii. While journeying through the paradisaical countryside the couple encounters Kale and Cleo, two disgruntled hitchhikers and Nick and Gina, two wild but well-meaning spirits who help guide them through the lush jungles. The picturesque waterfalls and scenic mountainsides quickly give way to terror when Cliff and Cydney learn of a grisly murder that occurred nearby and realize that they're being followed by chance acquaintances that suspiciously fit the description of the killers.

Pitch Perfect 3 2017

After the highs of winning the world championships, the Bellas find themselves split apart and discovering there aren't job prospects for making music with your mouth. But when they get the chance to reunite for an overseas USO tour, this group of awesome nerds will come together to make some music, and some questionable decisions, one last time.

Perfect Stranger 2007

A journalist goes undercover to ferret out businessman Harrison Hill as her best friend's killer. Posing as one of his temps, she enters into a game of online cat-and-mouse.

Perfect Sense 2011

Susan is a scientist searching for answers to important questions. So important that she has given up on other things, like love - until she meets Michael. Susan and Michael find themselves embarking on a sensual adventure while the world around them seems to be falling apart. A life-affirming look at what it means to love and be loved in turbulent times.

A Perfect Murder 1998

Millionaire industrialist Steven Taylor is a man who has everything but what he craves most: the love and fidelity of his wife. A hugely successful player in the New York financial world, he considers her to be his most treasured acquisition. But she needs more than simply the role of dazzling accessory.

The Perfect Man 2005

Holly is tired of moving every time her mom Jean breaks up with yet another second-rate guy. To distract her mother from her latest bad choice, Holly conceives the perfect plan for the perfect man, an imaginary secret admirer who will romance Jean and boost her self-esteem.

Picture Perfect 1997

A young advertising executive's life becomes increasingly complicated when, in order to impress her boss, she pretends to be engaged to a man she has just met.

My Perfect Romance 2018

Newly appointed CEO of Robinson Tech, Wes Robinson, is looking for new ideas to boost the company's sales. Vivian Blair, a program developer, shares a dating algorithm she has been working on called My Perfect Match. Wes sees potential and an opportunity to turn the company around and launches the service. When the pair is challenged to use My Perfect Match themselves to find love, this algorithm shows some interesting results.

The Perfect Score 2004

Six high school seniors decide to break into the Princeton Testing Center so they can steal the answers to their upcoming SAT tests and all get perfect scores.

The Perfect Guy 2015

After a painful breakup, Leah seems to meet the perfect guy. But she soon discovers his violent side that disrupts her life.

Perfect Strangers 2017

Remake of the Italian movie "Perfetti sconosciuti (2016)". During a lunar eclipse, seven friends gather for dinner and decide to play a game in which they must share with each other the content of every message, email or phone call they receive throughout the evening.

The Perfect Match 2016

Terrence J. stars as Charlie, a playboy who's convinced that relationships are dead. His two best friends, Donald Faison and Robert C. Riley, bet him that if he sticks to one woman for one month, he's bound to get attached. Charlie denies this until he crosses paths with the beautiful and mysterious Eva, played by singer/actress Cassie. They may agree to a casual affair, but eventually Charlie is questioning whether he may actually want more.

Gantz: Perfect Answer 2011

Perfect Answer begins several months after the events of the first film. Kurono is still fighting aliens under the order of Gantz, a mysterious giant black orb, and he is close to reaching the score he needs to resurrect his friend Kato. Outside his night time missions, Kurono continues to live his normal life, spending time with his new girlfriend Tae. Meanwhile, young pop star Eriko is being secretly ordered by Gantz to carry out assassinations, and cop Shigeta inches closer towards finding out the truth about the Gantz missions. As the missions begin to get increasingly dangerous for both the alien fighters and the general public, Kurono discovers that the endgame for Gantz is quickly approaching.

Perfect Strangers 1986

Perfect Strangers is an American sitcom that ran for eight seasons from March 25, 1986, to August 6, 1993, on the ABC television network. Created by Dale McRaven, the series chronicles the rocky coexistence of midwestern American Larry Appleton and his distant cousin from eastern Mediterranean Europe, Balki Bartokomous. Originally airing on Tuesdays for the short six-episode first season in the spring of 1986, it moved to Wednesdays in prime time in the fall of 1986. It remained on Wednesdays until March 1988, when it was moved to Fridays. The show found its niche there as the anchor for ABC's original TGIF Friday-night lineup, though it aired on Saturdays for a short time in 1992.

Less than Perfect 2002

Claude Casey moved up in the secretarial world of television news, from temp to the anchor's desk. After her boss hires her full time, Claude realizes she may be in over her head in this world of assistants fighting to get ahead. But Claude is determined to prove that though she may not be perfect, she's not going down without a fight.

Ms. Perfect 2017

Sim Jae-Bok is married with two children. Due to hardships she went through, she has a wild temper. She gets involved in an unexpected case and begins to regain her true self.

The Perfect Insider 2015

A researcher and the daughter of his mentor discover a corpse while on vacation and work together to solve the mysteries of what will become a serial murder case.

Almost Perfect 1995

Almost Perfect is an American situation comedy that aired on the CBS television network from September 17, 1995 until October 30, 1996. The series focused on the professional life of the female executive producer of a television cop show, her witty, zany staff which doubled as her family, and initially, how she balanced her high-powered role with that of her newfound romance with a busy assistant D.A. The series was created by Ken Levine, David Isaacs and Robin Schiff, and produced by Levine & Isaacs Productions and Robin Schiff Productions, in association with Paramount Television. Levine and Isaacs were previously known for their work as writers and producers on the long-running Paramount-produced Cheers, as well as on its Paramount stablemate Wings. Like the latter shows, Almost Perfect featured a tight-knit ensemble aspect between the cast, which in this case was formed by the production staff of the fictional cop show. CBS canceled the series just four episodes into its second season. Six leftover episodes aired on Lifetime in December 1997, followed by reruns of the entire series surfacing on USA Network's weekday morning lineup between 1998 and 2001.

A Perfect Spy 1987

A Perfect Spy is a BBC serial adaptation of John le Carré's spy novel A Perfect Spy. It follows the career of the British MI6 spy Magnus Pym from his early days as a schoolboy to his eventual disappearance as a suspected agent of the Czech secret service.

Perfect Day

Perfect Day was a two hour television movie, initially broadcast on Five in December, 2005. Centered around a group of university friends who reunite five years later for the wedding of Tom and Amy, it tells the story of old loves rekindled, marriages falling apart and the problems of career women finding love. It also starred Aidan McArdle, Kate Ashfield, Rhashan Stone, Claire Keelan, Bruce Mackinnon and Chris Bisson. The film was well received, both by viewers, drawing some of the channel's highest figures, and by critics. So successful was it in fact that it spawned both a prequel, Perfect Day:The Millennium, which told the story of the characters getting together for a party on New Year's Eve 1999, and a sequel, Perfect Day:The Funeral, in which the characters reunite one year after the wedding following the death of one of the group. In November, 2006 when the prequel and sequel were broadcast the initial film was retitled Perfect Day:The Wedding and the three programmes were broadcast in chronological order.

Perfect World 2019

Tsugumi, who works at an interior design firm, has an unexpected encounter with her first love from high school, Itsuki, at a dinner with her client’s whole comp any, an architectural firm. Seeing Itsuki, who is a registered architect with a first-class license and is quite charming, brings back the faint memories from high school. In the middle of dinner, he quietly slips away and begins to head home, getting into a wheelchair. “You didn’t know? Itsuki was in an accident in college, and he can’t walk.” Tsugumi, her pulse racing, takes a step back and thinks to herself, “I can’t love someone in a wheelchair. It’s just not possible to date someone like that.” But when she accepts the reality of the situation and interacts with Itsuki, who struggles but fights to survive each day, she becomes overwhelmed with emotions that she has kept since her youth.

The Perfect Insider 2014

Due to Professor Kita’s suggestion, student Moe Nishinosono and Associate Professor Sohei Saikawa head to Professor Kita’s research institute. There, various experiments have been conducted in a low temperature research room. During the night a murder takes place. Two graduate students are found dead in the low temperature research room. How did the killer enter the closed research room and how did the killer leave the room?

Jormungand 2012

Jonah is a child soldier and the newest bodyguard for Koko, an international arms dealer with an entourage of hired guns. The cold-blooded kid hates Koko’s line of work, but following her into the darkest corners of the black market might be the only way he can find those responsible for his family’s slaughter. Besides, his employer isn’t like most merchants of death. She uses guile and cutthroat tactics to keep her clients armed to the teeth—all while cultivating her own warped plan for the future of world peace. With the CIA desperate for her capture, assassins eager to collect her head, and the potential for every contract to end in ultra-violence, Koko and her comrades in arms bring the boom to every corner of the world.

Armin van Buuren is Mr. Perfect 2017

Armin van Buuren has been a DJ for twenty years now, so he's got every reason to throw a party. On the 12th and 13th of May (2017) he will be giving a jubilee show for his most loyal fans: The Best Of Armin Only. This will be the biggest Armin van Buuren show ever, and he will be the first DJ to have a solo show in the Amsterdam ArenA. There he will be inviting a series of special national and international artists. Both shows are as good as sold out, but RTL will be giving the viewer the opportunity to follow both shows (semi)-live from their sofa. On the 12th of May, Kaj Gorgels, the host of Concentrate on YouTube, will report live from backstage. On the 13th of May, Johnny de Mol will be there in the ArenA to give people a look behind the scenes in the program 'Armin Only: Live vanuit de ArenA'. Finally, RTL 4 will broadcast one episode a day, starting a week away from the live show, of the documentaire series 'Armin Van Buuren Is Mr. Perfect'. In 'Armin Van Buuren Is Mr. Perfect', a view on the life of Armin van Buuren will be given. Last December he turned 40 and, apart from that, he has been a DJ for 20 years now. How did his career start and what did he have to give up to get where he is now? How does he cope with all the pressure and expectations, now that he has been voted number one DJ for five times already? Where does he get the kick from nowadays? And what else is on his bucket list? Armin will be followed in his preparations for his biggest solo DJ show ever. Not only he will be speaking, also other loved ones like his wife Erika and his parents will give a little information on the life of Armin. Armin van Buuren has been voted number one dj a whopping five times now. Not only that, over the past twenty years, he has received various prices and awards. He has performed over 100 times in his Armin Only shows, on five continents and 68 different countries.

Perfect Strangers 2001

A darkly comic tale of a young man who comes face to face with his huge family - a variety of eccentrics, all of whom are hiding secrets from their pasts. At a family reunion Raymond is presented with a copy of the family tree and is absolutely amazed by the complexity of his family ties.

Making Perfect 2019

The entire Bon Appétit Test Kitchen works together to figure out how to make the perfect version of iconic dishes through a mix of in-kitchen testing, expert wrangling, and out-in-the-world exploring.

Perfect Crime 2019

Kaori (Reina Triendl) works as an interior designer for a housing manufacturer. She has been in a secret relationship with her boss Fuyuki (Hidekazu Mashima) for years. Fuyuki is a married man and Kaori can't see a future with him, but she still loves him and continues their relationship. One day, Haruto (Dori Sakurada) appears in front of her. Haruto is a young interior designer who was just transferred from a New York office. Haruto happens to see Kaori and Fuyuki having an affair. Meanwhile, Kaori and Haruto begin to work together as partners at work. Through meeting Haruto, Kaori's fate begins to change.

Inside the Perfect Predator 2010

Four top predators are compared, each champion in a type of environment, with key adaptations. On the ground, the cheetah outruns prey (approached in masterly stealth) and enemies. In the air, the peregrine falcon is a flight and diving machine. In sweet water, the Nile crocodile survives since the Dino age, without natural enemies, with several amazing metabolism stunts. Lurking under water, it snaps blindly at migrating wildebeest, then waits underground. In the oceans, the equally ancient shark, notably the great white, migrates seasonally to find abundant prey, such as young seals around South Africa.

Perfect Storms 2013

Investigates what happens when a series of natural and human events catastrophically coincide to change the course of history.

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